New Products:

We have almost completed the design of our new Skin Care range & are working tirelessly to redesign some of our most loved brands.

East Midlands Pharma Limited

Product sourcing?

EM Pharma source from the UK, India, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Italy and China. We meet all the ethical and GMP standards required to supply the UK and global markets.

 Fast Track 2011

Our company has grown at an exceptional rate, due to our continued rapid growth we were included within the list of The Sunday Times Virgin fast track top 100 privately owned companies in the U.K.

Who are we?

EM Pharma Limited was founded in 2005 by Lesley and Kevan Abley. From humble beginnings EM Pharma has delivered significant growth and in the last 3 years alone volumes have grown by 250% to over 12.5 million units per year. We specialise in medical devices and licenced medicines, but still retain the entrepreneurialism to react to categories outside of our core business areas should opportunities present themselves.

We are very proud to be a living wage employer. We have always believed you get what you pay for, that's why we at East Midlands Pharmaceuticals always endeavour to pay our staff a living wage.

Paying a living wage allows our staff to feel motivated and ensures high employee retention.

Living Wage Employer

Our company is always evolving as the needs or our customers change and as new opportunities are created in the market. You can rest assured that, working with us at EM Pharma, you can enjoy many benefits:

Reliable service.

Customer focused relationships.


Our Values

Dedicated product development

Environmental Impact

As a growing company we constantly look for ways to improve our processes, with that in mind, we recently entered into a contract with a revolutionary packing company to cut our carbon footprint. Our packaging now uses 90% less energy then conventional heat tunnels and up to 40% less cardboard per case.

Outstanding Design

The new bottle which has been designed as a custom product for EM Pharma Ltd enables the user to store the contact lens case on the side of the bottle, using a raised, moulded profile that allows the case to be attached and removed with ease, helping reduce bathroom clutter within the home. As lens cases tend to be quite small, the potential to locate the case on the bottle helps users find all that is needed for this element of eye care, in one place.

We are very proud to be short listed as a finalist for our design and development of new products concepts.

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Ethical approach