New Products:

We have almost completed the design of our new Skin Care range & are working tirelessly to redesign some of our most loved brands.

East Midlands Pharma Limited

EM Pharma supply to a vast majority of the top stores within the U.K. & International market place, delivering own label and branded goods to their shelves ready for your purchase.

Below is a list of stores we supply:


East Midlands Pharma are the largest private label supplier of eye care products to the UK retail sector.


We have years of experience in design and development of products, which enables us to provide a dedicated and extensive service to our customers.

All of our Product Categories are available for private label.

We currently supply own label products to retailers such as, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Walgreen Boots, Waitrose, Morrisons, Numark, A.S. Watson Group, TJ Morris, Asda and others. If we have a product that you need, we can supply in own label, branded or both.


East Midlands Pharma deliver more than 30 private label products to Tesco, making us one of their largest healthcare providers. We currently sell in excess of 4 million eye care products, 540 thousand Aqueous Pots, 2 million pregnancy tests and 3 million packs of ranitidine each year, in addition to the other 479 product variants we produce and supply.

ITV Contract

East Midlands Pharma in 2015 entered into a contract with ITV studios to provide healthcare products under the Thunderbirds brand. We are currently working with ITV to create a whole new range of healthcare products that are child friendly.