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EM Pharma is a leading healthcare company that specialises in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical products (both medical devices and licensed medicines) through its branded product portfolio and through the provision of contract manufacture supply to retail brand owners.

EM Pharma is a leading player in the ophthalmology sector with its extensive Eye Care & Contact Lens Care product range while also operating successfully in its other core business areas of Hay Fever & Allergy and Ear Care.

The EM Pharma product portfolio is supplied to retail, e-tail and healthcare partners in the UK and across international markets.

EM Pharma has an exciting and growing portfolio of innovative consumer healthcare brands in its key therapy areas.

Our brands include Vizulize (Eye Care), Pollenase (Hay Fever & Allergy) and Cl-ear (Ear Care).

Combining our knowledge of healthcare science, access to latest technologies and a deep understanding of consumers, we will continue to develop our brands in order to to best meet the diverse and dynamic needs of today’s consumers and their lifestyles.

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EM Pharma offers a full range of contract manufacturing services including product sourcing, development, manufacturing, packing and distribution across its medical device and licensed medicines portfolio.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of ophthalmic consumable products, as well as a leading supplier of allergy and ear care products, EM Pharma is able to provide private label customers with unrivalled product development and manufacturing resource as well as flexible and responsive customer service.

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EM Pharma is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and highest quality service. EM Pharma has the following accreditations: